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Dr. Edna Yuan-Yuan Chia


Adjunct Assistant professor, Keyboard Faculty

National Taiwan Normal University School of Music 

University of Taiepi, Department of Music 


University of Southern California, DMA'05, MM'00 

National Taiwan Normal University, BM'97




   An active concert pianist, Edna Yuan-Yuan Chia has performed at numerous prestigious venues throughout the United States, Canada, China, and Taiwan.  Her Carnegie Hall solo recital debut in November 2004 resulted in a highly praised review on “New York Concert Review” magazine and consecutive concert engagements.  Her recital debut at Taiwan National Recital Hall in 2007 was tremendously successful, and followed by her several solo and chamber recital returns with thrilling performance include full programs of etudes and transcriptions, sonatas, twentieth century works, the quintessence of the French piano works, and Nocturns, to name a few.


   Ms. Chia has distinguished herself with numerous prizes and awards including: the Special Presentation Award of Artists International Presentation New York debut series; the annual selected artist of “I PAPITTI soloists” presented in chamber concert series by Young Artists International, Los Angeles; the selected artist of the Los Angeles County “Sundays at Two” concert series; both Gold medals in piano and composition from National Taiwan Music Competition; Silver prize from Carmel Music Society International Piano Competition; Silver prizes of National Taiwan Normal University Concerto Competition; Annual Ensemble Awards from USC keyboard department; Scholarship awards from Leni Fe Bland Foundation and USC Thornton School of Music; and the winner of MTAC Concerto Competition Southern California division.  She has also been the finalist in USC Concerto Competition, the "Arising Stars" Competition hosted by Taipei Philharmonic Foundation, and National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition.  Ms. Chia was also appointed as competition jury at National Taiwan Music Competitions, YAMAHA Taiwan piano competition and Scholarship Competitions, Taiwan Cultural Cup Competitions, New Art organization Young Artists Showcase competitions, New Tang Dynasty Television Piano competitions, the annual National Taiwan music collegiate and high schools entrance examinations auditions.


   Ms. Chia’s concert appearances include solo recitals, piano concertos, chamber concerts and several new music premiere.  She has presented herself in numerous concerts at The Weill recital hall of the Carnegie hall, Wyoming University Buchnan Concert Hall, Chicago VanderCook College concert hall Taiwan National Concert Hall and the Recital Hall, the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts, Canada, Bing Theater of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Beverly Hills Library and Municipal Gallery, Sunset Performing Art Center at Carmel-By-The-Sea, USC Alfred Newman Hall and Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Southern Methodist University in Taos, New Mexico, Hunan Normal University Concert Hall, China, and the affiliated high school of Beijing Central Conservatory Concert Hall.  Ms. Chia’s live performance was also broadcasted by KMZT 105.1, KUSC 91.5 and the “One Month Festival” in Korea.  Her radio interviews and programs series has been presented at “Music salad bar- prof. Yuan-Yuan Chia’s classical music classes” at the Voice of Han Broadcasting Networking, and “Mali’s music salon” at IC Broadcasting Company.


   A native of Taiwan, Edna Yuan-Yuan Chia completed Bachelor degree in piano performance in 1997 from National Taiwan Normal University.  She was awarded Master of Music in 2000, and Doctor of Musical Arts in piano performance in 2005 at the Flora L. Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California, with an honor nomination as a member of Pi Kappa Lambda association.  Her primary teachers include world renowned pianists and professors Bernadene Blaha, Daming Zhu, Kung-Chin Lin and Ruth Hsueh-Yu Tung.  Ms. Chia formerly taught at the department of Music in National Chiayi University.  Ms. Chia now is the adjunct assistant professor and keyboard faculty at her alma mater National Taiwan Normal University School of Music, University of Taipei, and Shih-Chien University.  Besides teaching studio lessons, Ms. Chia has directed classes include Music Analysis, Harmonization, Keyboard Harmonies, Piano Chamber Music, Piano four-hand and Two- piano music performance, undergraduate and graduate Piano Literatures, Twentieth-century Piano Literature, and graduate direct research.  Ms. Chia has also been invited to give masterclasses at several music institutions.


   As a pedagogue, Ms. Chia has been invited as the lecturer at the annual National Taipei University of Education conference, YAMAHA foundation, KHS Music Podium series, Tainan Music Teachers league, and National Taiwan University Piano Club.  Her speech topics include “The style and characteristics of Beethoven and Brahms Piano works”, “The style and traits of Debussy and Ravel piano works”, “The last treasure- the study of Beethoven Bagatelles op. 126”, “The research of Sound, Color and Technique in Debussy’s Etudes pour les “cinq doigts” d’après Monsieur Czerny, pour les Tierces, pour les Octaves, pour les Degrés chromatiques, and pour les Arpèges composes”, “A structural hearing in music- to really hear the harmonic progressions, counterpoint between voices, and musical colors”, “The choice of repertoire and some memorandum of interpreting the required pieces- for preparing the biannual piano catagory of National Taiwan Music Competition", “The Art of Pedaling”, “Take it easy! Memoradum of preparing competitions”, “Basic skills- How to practice scales and arpeggios”, “To examine your piano playing- to use your fingers, arms, and body adequately”, “Feeling the movement inside of the music- the real experience and relations between the pulse, breathe, and the musical dance character”, “An introduction of the twentieth century piano music”, “An introduction of the twentieth century american piano works”, and “An introduction of Shenkerian Analysis”.


   For further information of Ms. Chia’s most recent activities and radio broadcast archives, please visit and and Apple Podcast "Edna Chia" at   

「在演繹盛宗亮的作品,賈元元幻想、自由的風格就如同樂曲為她而寫一般」; 「她在聲響上相當敏銳,她的音色表現及掌控極為奇妙」。

                                     Howard Ailbel, 紐約音樂會評論


「她顯現了極佳的力度及色彩的掌控能力」。Lyn Bronson, 蒙特瑞音樂活動


鋼琴家賈元元不僅活耀於舞台演出,也衷心致力於鋼琴教育。她於2004年在紐約卡內基音樂廳威爾演奏廳的獨奏會首演倍受讚揚,獲樂評家Howard Ailbel於「紐約音樂會樂評」雜誌中給予高度評價。她成功的演出也贏得了不少後續的演出邀約。自2007年起在國家演奏廳頗受好評的返國個人獨奏會後,於2008、2010、2011、2013、2014、2016、2018年相繼推出以整場練習曲與改編曲、奏鳴曲、二十世紀法國鋼琴作品、夜曲、音樂的象徵表現「情話」等主題之獨奏會曲目,展現紮實的演奏功力,及求音樂深度的企圖心。曾任教於國立嘉義大學音樂系暨音樂研究所。目前擔任國立台灣師範大學,台北市立大學,及實踐大學等三校音樂系暨音樂研究所兼任助理教授,教授鋼琴作品與風格研究、二十世紀鋼琴作品研究、鋼琴室內樂、雙鋼琴及四手聯彈、大學、碩士班鋼琴主副修個別指導課、樂曲詮釋分析寫作指導。學生們於年度台灣區縣市音樂比賽、校際協奏曲比賽、獨奏會、論文寫作及國內、外升學考試中都有傑出的表現。


賈元元自幼即表現傑出。1990年通過教育部音樂資賦優異學生出國甄試,並甄試保送進入國立師大附中音樂班。1993年甄試保送進入國立臺灣師範大學音樂系。1997年分發實習於台北縣立二重國中。2000年及2005年分別獲得美國南加州大學音樂學院 (University of Southern California Flora L. Thornton School of Music) 鋼琴演奏碩士 (Master of Music)與音樂藝術博士 (Doctor of Musical Arts),並榮獲USC提名為全美Pi Kappa Lambda音樂協會榮譽永久會員。鋼琴演奏曾師事Prof. Bernadene Blaha、Prof. Kevin FitzGerald、諸大明教授、董學渝教授、林公欽教授、張怡仙老師,理論與作曲曾師事Prof. Robert Moore、戴維后教授、蕭慶瑜教授、盧炎教授、黎國鋒老師。


賈元元曾獲臺灣區音樂比賽鋼琴成人組冠軍,及三度獲得臺灣區音樂比賽樂曲創作冠軍。旅美期間更榮獲紐約Artists International傑出藝術家獎,洛杉磯Young Artist International年度青年藝術家獎,Carmel Music Society International Piano Competition亞軍,USC年度室內樂演奏家獎等。


賈元元以獨奏家及鋼琴合作音樂家身份活躍於舞台。獨奏、鋼琴協奏曲、室內樂及新音樂發表等形式的演出足跡遍布台灣、中國、美國、與加拿大等地知名音樂廳。包括紐約卡內基音樂廳威爾演奏廳、洛杉磯縣立美術館音樂廳、班夫音樂節、“I Palpitti獨奏家群” 於Southern Methodist University at Taos音樂廳、Beverly Hills 圖書館與市政廳、廣播電台KMZT 105.1 “Sunday’s Live!” 音樂會、KUSC 91.5現場音樂會等系列、美國懷俄明大學Buchnan 音樂廳、洛杉磯史坦威鋼琴演奏廳、芝加哥VanderCook音樂學院演奏廳、韓國“One Month Festival”、國家音樂廳及演奏廳、北京中央音樂院附中音樂廳、湖南師範大學音樂廳、台北市中山堂光復廳、東吳大學松怡廳、新北、桃園、新竹、台中等地文化中心、台中中興堂、台南浣莎音樂沙龍、高雄音樂館等地演出。


   論文發表、講座及電台訪問邀約包括國立台北教育大學「鋼琴教學學術研討會暨論文發表會」發表論文「最後的珠玉­- 貝多芬《六首鋼琴小品,作品一二六》之教學探討」(2019)、「德布西《十二首練習曲》中「為全部五指的」「為三度的」「為八度的」「為半音階的」「為琶音的」音響及技術層面的教學探討」(2012);臺北市立大學「藝術學刊」發表論文「美國作曲家葛利菲斯、巴伯、李伯曼鋼琴夜曲之研究」(2018);台南音樂教師聯誼會、功學社「音樂講堂」、台大鋼琴社、YAMAHA 音樂教師聯誼會等邀請,演講「古典與浪漫主義- 概述貝多芬及布拉姆斯的鋼琴音樂風格與特徵」、「象徵主義與現代主義-概述德布西與拉威爾鋼琴音樂的風格與特徵」、「穩定度的展現-實力養成秘笈」(2018、2016)、「淺談巴哈鋼琴作品- 啟程之鑰」(2017)、「從貝多芬晚期鋼琴奏鳴曲談起-探浪漫樂派鋼琴作品的特色」(2016)、「水能載舟亦能覆舟-談踏瓣的應用」(2016)、「Take it Easy! 準備比賽的貼心叮嚀」(2016)、「全國音樂比賽講座-曲目 練習之建議」(2015)、「「活」的音樂! 談拍點、呼吸、到音樂的舞蹈性」(2014)、「二十世紀鋼琴音樂概論」(2014),「運籌帷幄- 適當運用從手指、手臂到身體的彈奏」(2013)、「感覺到音樂的律動了嗎? 談基本拍點、呼吸、到音樂的舞蹈性」(2013)、「音樂的線性思考- 和聲、對位、與調性色彩」(2011、2013)、「二十世紀的美國鋼琴音樂」(2010),以及「最基本的基本功- 如何在音階與琶音練習上,下一些不一樣的功夫,以及延伸的思考」(2010、2013)、及「淺談宣克分析法」(2006)。數度於臺北市立成功高中舉行「午後的鋼琴呢喃」、「音樂藝術特色課程」鋼琴大師班,及受邀國立南港高中校刊以「追」為主題的「名家專訪」。受邀IC之音97.5「馬利音樂沙龍」及漢聲廣播電台「琴韻心聲」、「音樂沙拉Bar」節目專訪,自2018年10月起並受邀在「音樂沙拉Bar」節目開闢每周一常態帶狀單元「賈元元老師的古典音樂課」節目,頗受好評。



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